The ACES network is a collection of likeminded Entrepreneurs who meet regularly to share ideas and support each other to help build and expand their companies or business ideas. It is a non for profit organisation.
The plan is to set up a series of small cell groups of ACEers who really support each other on a weekly basis. Then have regional meetings quarterly and national meetings yearly so that everyone gets to share their ideas and gets support.

EMS write the ACES Business Plan and Constitution for the charity commission.

EMS developed their website This will incorporate an online members user portal that will allow members to communicate and share ideas.

EMS will also be a corporate member of ACES and will fully support this association. 

Check out ACES network on FACEBOOK   'ACES network'. and at the URL



My Space Solutions Alternative Education is a private company committed to offering alternative education to mainstream pupils who cannot access education for various reasons. The reasons could range from learning, social, emotional, behavioural and health-related needs.

Topaz is a event catering company that specialises in African cuisine, and is targeting the corporate lunch market. 

EMS is helping Topaz to completely revamp its company to help provide a strong drive and commitment to help it boost profitability and market share.

EMS is writing their Business Plan and developing a new website for them. EMS is also providing website hosting and corporate emails.



Inspire Family Network (iFamNet) is a community level initiative for the prevention of social distress that is a consequence of the breakdown of families in communities. It focuses on strengthening the only safety net and foundation of community, which is the family, through equipping individuals with life skills for building resilience and healthy family relationships that keep families together in a safe, secure environment. It facilitates and supports learning, dialogue and life skills training platforms for individuals in all family relationships so as to release and achieve both individual and family potential.

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